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Digging through your fugitives trash

Sometime’s you’ll go to your fugitive’s last known address and find it abandoned. I always suggest to go through it with a fine tooth comb, including any trash bags. It’s gross and all but it can give you some great leads. One time I went to my fugitive’s house and it was empty. I spent an hour and a half rummaging through EVERYTHING I could find. I ended up finding this real small receipt in his trash bag. It was from a flower shop. It turned out it was a receipt for flower’s he had sent to some girl. Had her name and address on it. I figured this would be his most likely location.

So I went out to the girl’s house and found the fugitive’s car sitting outside. I called the local police and we raided the house. The fugitive was laying in bed with the girl. Had I not spent my time searching every shred of paper , I would not of found him that day. So look carefully.

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