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BHFH Bond Revocation

The girl in this video had her bond revoked from her grandmother who stated she was violent towards her. I tried everything to get her to let the child go. This girl was willing to get tazed while she held her child in her arms. I never intended on tazing her. I was hoping she would let the child go when she saw my tazer. The only thing you can do in this situation is call the police.

At the end of the video she finally gave the kid up when the police arrived. She was not charged with any additional crimes. On our way to the jail she began telling me to kill her and she began to kick and bite me. Keep in mind this is a 200lb+ girl freaking out in the back of my car. I ended up choking her until we arrived at the jail. She kept trying to spit and we called her in as a uncooperative female upon arrival at the jail and 10 deputies came out to my car and took her from there. The are not as gentle as me. Hope you enjoy. More video’s are coming.

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