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BHFH contact information

Just a reminder to our registered member’s, please email us your contact information so we can update you in our directory. Just last week we had a television company call us for some Bounty Hunter’s in New York interested in doing a television show. We receive all types of calls for every state so please email us your information so we have it. Thanks!!!!

Bounty Hunter For Hire


  1. Just curious. If a warrant is issued for someone in SC for CDV and rape and the state will not go pick them up from TX. How would hiring a bounty hunter work? What kind of pricing would be included?

  2. Marian yates says:

    Hello my name is Marian Yates and I’m trying to find my childhood friend but all I have is his first name and where he use to live and may still be well the state and city and his round about age now between 28 to 31

  3. You’re really going to have to probably try and start with getting the last name figured out. One way you could do this is if you register on, you can find the school you think they may have went to based on the city and state you think they were in. And since you know their approximate age, you can determine what range of years they may have graduated. Then view the class roster, find everyone with that first name, and hopefully one of the last names will jump out at you as one you recognize. Once you have that, the possibility of finding them greatly improves. But without a last name, there’s just too much to comb through.

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