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Getting to know Safeguard Stealth body armor

When it comes to personal protection, many people might think of carrying mace, a knife, or a firearm.  Some might even consider hiring private security or a bodyguard. And you can do some of those things, or all of those things – and still take your personal protection a step further with a bulletproof vest.

Some may think that’s a bit extreme or overkill, and if you work in a flower shop all day long, then yes, you might think a bulletproof vest is unnecessary.  However, many people work in dangerous jobs including law enforcement, fugitive recovery agents, bodyguards, bar bouncers and private security to name a few.

When you take a look at statistics that show roughly 80% of all firearm related homicides come from handguns, and more than 98% of those deaths could have been prevented with NIJ Threat Level II protection, it makes you wonder why more people don’t wear body armor.

I’ve tried many types of armor but one thing that tends to be consistent is the whole getting used to the fit and feel of the vest, especially during longer shifts with lots of motion, movement or flexing of the body.  Add some intense summertime heat to the mix and it can be very uncomfortable at times.

Fortunately there are some solutions out there and I recently had the opportunity to field test a Safeguard Stealth Level II ballistic vest.  Some might think this armor is a bit heavier than other options, but it weighed in at just under 5 pounds which isn’t very much considering the level of protection you’re getting.

To wear the vest, you simply toss it over your head like any t-shirt, then just grab the two Velcro straps and secure them.

The vest is comfortable and after just a few minutes, you almost don’t even notice you’re wearing it anymore. There are a variety of positions I encounter during the my day to day activities and routine.  Whether I’m experiencing prolonged walking, standing, sitting or driving, going up and down steps or in and out of vehicles and places, I found that the Safeguard Stealth body armor fit well around my body.

I needed something that was concealable and this vest does a very good job of blending in with my uniform or clothing choices for the day but it might be a little noticeable if you’re just wearing a thin t-shirt over top of it.  I prefer to wear a layer of clothing over the vest, and then a jacket or something else on top of that and you can attain a much more concealed appearance.

If you’ve never worn body armor before, yes, you can go get a custom fit solution but Safeguard makes it easy to find the size that’s right for you with their handy sizing chart and instructions.  It’s very important to get those details right before you place your order.


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