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Fighting with crackheads in a crack house during a fugitive recovery

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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  1. When are you going to put more stuff on?

  2. Our team has been working hard to provide a lot more information lately. We hope you’ve enjoyed some of the new content.

  3. Joshua McGuinness says:

    Great job!!! Keep up the good work. What was that dude thinking? lmao drugs really do make people stupid.

  4. He had big man’s syndrome Josh. After the video cuts, me and the camera guy (also armed, legally) encountered that guy’s 5 buddies. All of them we’re crackheads. I told them to go ahead and do something, I have alot more than 6 bullets. They just ran their mouths and we laughed and smiled at them as we left. The girl in the video has since went to rehab in another state and is clean and doing great. She was so thankful to us to get her out of there.

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