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A bond revoke story

Just some updates, I’m looking for 2 fugitives still.   I have solid leads on them both and should have them both in custody within the next few weeks.   In the meantime, I had a lady call me last night wanting to revoke a bond on a guy she had put her house up for.  She stated that he was threatening to run and he was living at a motel.

I go to the motel and meet with her. She say’s that he does every drug he can get his hands on and may have a weapon on him. He had called her wanting to go out on a date so she said she’d be over around 10pm.  Now I’m his date for the night!!  haha.

To avoid him not opening the door , I have her show up like he’s expecting so I have someone in the room to let me in if he refuses. You newer bountyhunter’s will find if you go the front desk and tell them you have a warrant for someone, they will give you a key for the room. If they won’t , tell them “that’s fine, I’ll just take my sledgehammer to the door.” You’ll get that key.  Also police usually will come assist if you want at a motel because no warrant is needed.

So I go to the room and knock and yell my usual “maitenance”. No one comes, I don’t wait long incase he has a weapon and I use my key and go in. As soon as I open the door, he is standing there in front of me. I tell him what’s going on and to turn around. He pretty much refuses.  This is when it’s good to be in really good shape newbee’s.  These guy’s will size you up and think about whopping you to get away. But when they turn around and see how much bigger you are, they give up.  They know your not the police and will kick their ass.  So I suggest to get really big, pro athlete size.  My suggestion is usually be over 200lbs. Most fugitives will not be able to handle that weight. Also be able to bench over 300lbs. Most fugitives will weigh no more that 220lbs.   Follow those guidelines and you should be fine.   He turns around and takes one look and gives up.  He’s a small guy to begin with.

I cuff him and he starts yelling at the girl. I grab him by the neck and force him back to my truck. He’s returned to jail on $12,000 bond.

P.S. Don’t forget if your looking to get licensed , send us an email and we’ll get you all set up to become a bountyhunter/bail bondsman.



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