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Updates on bondjumpers

If you read below you’ll know I captured the one girl fugitive I had. I knew she wouldn’t last long. Tomorrow hopefully one of my fugitive’s will show up at the doctor’s to get his prescription. I highly doubt it but I have to atleast show up. I’m hoping to be able to get it on video for everyone. I also currently have a guy on bond who has several warrants along with his co-signer on the bond!! So that’s also a problem that needs addressed. I’ll keep you up to the minute on twitter tomorrow morning when I’m trying to arrest this guy. I’m expecting him at 9am/ET, so I’ll be twittering starting 8:45am/ET.

Also , I receive tons of calls everyday about the licensing services. Just to clarify, I will get you all the info you need to get your license in your area. Laws change every year so I will provide you with the most current information such as locations for classes, how much, where, when and in some cases can even sign you up for the class. There’s just a small form to fill out and make sure you put the county you plan on living. Some states have different licensing requirements and locations for different counties. We’re still running the special since alot of you are ordering, we can keep the prices down. $29 and we’ll have you ready to get your license.

Also the reality show I did will air in the next month or two. I’ve seen the advertisement. I will post it as soon as we work out the glitches on the video. Rest assured, it will be up soon. Thanks ya’ll… feel free to comment on the posts!!

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