Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

The Ocean


The unpredictable situations you get put in sometime are crazy. This is a classic example of a bad situation you cannot prepare for.

I had a lead that this guy was working as a waiter on a dinner boat here in Clearwater. So I go to the boat and TRY to talk to the guy at the door. Unfortunately, he can’t speak English. He just kinda shakes his head and points.

So I go onto the boat and into the dinner area. There’s approximately 100 people having a wedding reception. I spot the fugitive and grab him and cuff him up. There’s lots of commotion about me arresting him.

I look out the window and notice that the boat is moving out to sea with me on it!! I very loudly order the boat be docked immediately. The captain gives me a hard time and wont dock the boat. So I call 911 to avoid being taken out to sea with these people. As soon as I dial 911 the captain docks the boat. We get off the boat and are met by numerous deputies.

Sometimes you have to be prepared to make very quick decisions. That’s what separates the good bountyhunters from the bad ones.

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