Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Running into a Fugitive Unexpectedly, Chasing him down Barefoot, Falling into Cacti, and Surrounded by the Fugitive’s Friends


One day on my way to martial arts practice I decided to drive through some back streets to look for a guy that skipped out on $104,000 bond. I knew the neighborhood he was hanging out in. So as I was driving through I see him standing in a drive way with a few people. I pull up.. (I was in sandals and shorts with no handcuffs as I was on my way to martial arts)

I tell him he’s under arrest and attempt to take him to my car. He then swings at me and runs down the road. I duck and chase him in bare feet and catch him as he’s running through a yard. I tackle him and we both fall in a group of cacti. I then proceed to wrap him up and call the police.

In the meantime, his friends come over and start surrounding me. They ball up their fists and tell me to let him go. Im not letting go of $104,000. The police get there FAST and he’s arrested. Later on, the medics had to pick a mess of cactus needles out of my right side from shoulder to ankle. It burned for days..

In this case I had no weapons, no cuffs, no backup immediately available until I called for them, and no SHOES. I managed to keep a cool head and it worked out well.

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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