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Product Review: ASP Black Tactical Hinge Handcuffs (Steel)

In the world of international law enforcement, there is little room for error. Performance is paramount. Failure is not an option. Among the men and women of this specialized profession, the name ASP is synonymous with quality. Designs without equal. Products you can literally stake your life on. For over 30 years, the ASP Insignia has stood for innovative design. Flawless function. An unmatched standard of service. ASP designs are produced in five distinct product categories. Each is unique. A product line so advanced that it is protected by over 150 patents. In 81 countries throughout the world, ASP is the first choice of quiet professionals. Innovative concepts. Field proven designs. An uncompromising standard of quality. ASP… when you cannot afford less.

Recent Reviews:

“Just graduated the Police Academy and was issued some basic county handcuffs. Those cuffs weren’t hinged and sometimes while trying to handcuff someone they would twist around and slide off the wrist. These don’t give you that problem. It ensures the perpetrator is unable to move around too much and its easy to apply them on. It even has a keyhole on both sides so taking the cuffs off is easier.”

“These are hinged handcuffs made of high strength forged stainless steel frame covered in polymer. They weigh less than most other standard handcuffs but maintain the same strength. They have no sharp edges and are some of the smoothest operating handcuffs you will ever operate. I have two pair of ASP chained and now hinged. I recommend these for everyday carry alongside the normal chain ones.”


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