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US Marshals capture Pedophiles

US Marshals man hunt caught on camera - YouTube

US Marshals man hunt caught on camera – YouTube Marshals agents take in a suspected child molester.
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  1. Lynnette Jenkins says:

    My 16 year old daughter, Amber Woolwine, ran off with a 47 year old “friend of the family”. She has been missing for since 6/11/15. Only afterwards we discovered his real name is not “Max Kozak” which is what we know him as. But the cops cannot figure out what his real name is. We are terrified for our daughter as she has been manipulated and cohersed into believing he loves her. They were caught on a surveillance camera in walmart in valencia california. She has dyed her hair dark and he has grown a beard. The sheriffs dept. Is about ready to give up. Please help us find d this man who took my daughter and bring my daughter home. Please see “help find amber woolwine” on facebook or Co tact the Kern County Sheriffs Office for more information. Thank you.

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