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Bounty Hunters shoot and kill Fugitive

I’d like to think that the Bounty Hunters had already done their homework on this guy before going out there and knew the fugitive had already pulled a gun on police and had a standoff. Sadly I don’t think they did and I also don’t think they called the police prior to arriving to let the authorities know their location. ¬†Again another case of ¬†under trained Bounty Hunters.

Police: 1 killed in bounty hunter shootout bounty hunters became embroiled in a fatal gun battle in northern Indiana as they tried to capture a man, police said.
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  1. Dan Foster says:

    This is another case of people not researching their story. If you had you would have found out we researched him for months and called for police help numerous times. You write these lies without even contacting us. You and your site is a joke!

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