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Michael Harrold of Howell, accused by cops of running housing deposit scam, found in Florida

Harrold was located in Florida by a bail bondsman from No Jail Time Bail Bonds of Toms River. The company had previously bonded Harrold out of criminal charges in Middlesex County. When he failed to show for his court dates there, the bail they put up was forfeited and they began a search for him. The bondsman was able to convince Harrold to return to New Jersey, where they took him into custody and delivered him to Howell police headquarters.

Full Story: http://www.app.com/article/20140306/NJNEWS14/303060138/Michael-Harrold-of-Howell-accused-by-cops-of-running-housing-deposit-scam-found-in-Florida?nclick_check=1

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