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Bail Bonds Instantly Online with No Office Visit, No Credit Checks, Low Payment Plans, Nationwide Service, and you can Sign Your Documents Online!

swbb-blank-cardStatewide Bail Bonds has just announced a completely new and revolutionary way to process bail bonds online, anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

While some bonding companies have already begun offering bail bond services online, by text or email in place of the traditional phone call and office visit, nobody has been able to pull off the entire process as fast or easy.

Working closely with an expert web development team, Statewide Bail Bonds has seamlessly implemented the latest web technologies into the project – including online document signing, online notary service, and a license and identification upload – all of which can be done on your computer or smart phone, at your convenience.

Every necessary aspect required to process a bail bond has been integrated into a clean, efficient and fast online process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete from start to finish.

How did they manage to pull off this feat?  We contacted Bob Jenkins, Assistant Director of Information Technology for Statewide Bail Bonds and he provided us the following statement:

“It wasn’t easy.  Our team worked with the web development firm for several months discussing the current problems with online bail or bail by text. There simply wasn’t any one single bail bond company out there who managed to get every aspect of the equation into a nice, easy to use product. We invested a considerable about into the project budget and spent many late nights sipping coffee to stay awake as we threw out ideas and worked on troubleshooting any potential problems to the development team as they coded away. The development process was relentless and costly but we’re quite confident that we have the fastest and easiest solution on the planet for getting a bail bond anywhere, anytime. ”

Statewide didn’t just stop there either.  In order to help retain their status as the fastest and easiest solution on the planet, they’ve worked with their insurance providers to in essence, rewrite the book on how bail is done.  Certain exceptions have been granted which allow Statewide Bail Bonds to use their newly adopted methods, whereas many other bond companies will run into roadblocks with their insurers.

And if their new streamlined online bail bond process requiring no office visit wasn’t enough to put a strain on the competition, Statewide Bail Bonds also does low payment plans and requires no credit checks.  For extra measure, they even found a way to acquire a fancy toll free vanity number that’s difficult to forget: 1-855-NO-2-JAIL.

Most bonding companies already know that there aren’t any vanity numbers left, so naturally, we were curious as to how they managed to get that number.

“Oh, the phone number part – yea, that was a bit difficult.  But like anything in this country, anything can be had for the right price.”

With everything Statewide managed to pull off, you would think they wouldn’t be worried about the competition.  But that’s not the case at all.  Representatives from Statewide have told us they’re already working on Phase 2 of their project, which will “blow away what we’ve just done and leave developers struggling for years trying to find a way to view and copy our code.  Bail Bond companies will struggle to afford the cost for implementing our existing and upcoming features that we’ll roll out, which are already in the pipeline.”

Statewide Bail Bonds is a full service, nationwide bail bond company with a headquarters in St. Petersburg, offices in 28 states, and coverage throughout the entire United States.  You can view their website at

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    i filled out an application submitted it only problem having is the payment area i keep tring to type my information in but keeps freezing on me not sure what the problem is if someone can contact me email or phone email phone 720-285-9104 leanna khristine ochoa

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