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Dog the Bounty Hunter show featuring Casper airs Sunday

'Dog' bounty hunter show featuring Casper airs Saturday

‘Dog’ bounty hunter show featuring Casper airs Saturdayhttp://trib.com/news/local/casper/dog-bounty-hunter-show-featuring-casper-airs-saturday/article_a39e47cb-631c-57c4-bc78-0b417ef706dc.htmlA Casper bail bond company will join celebrity bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman on Saturday’s episode of "Dog and Beth: On the hunt."
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  1. Anthony Romero says:

    how can I become a bounty hunter in florida. with a record that’s old over four year’s old

  2. Qualifications for Florida Bail License:

    Bail bond agents [FS 648.34] must comply with the following for licensure:
    – an application submitted on forms prescribed by the Department of Insurance (DOI) [FS 648.34(1)],
    – have complied with FS 648.355 and obtained a temporary license,
    – be 18 years of age [FS 648.34(2)(a)],
    – be a resident of Florida [FS 648.34(2)(b)],
    – place of business must be located in a Florida county where records will be maintained and business actively conducted, accessible to the public during reasonable business hours [FS 648.34(2)(d)],
    – of good character with no convictions on a felony, crime of moral turpitude, or crime punishable by 1 year or more [FS 648.34(2)(e)],
    – passage of required examination (written [FS 648.38(1)-(10)]) [648.34(2)(f)],
    – payment of fee for background checks and credit report [FS 648.34(3)],
    – furnish photo and fingerprints with applications [FS 648.34(4)],
    – completion of 14 hours of continuing education courses every two years [FS 648.385].

    Source: http://fugitiverecovery.com/bail-bond-laws/directory/florida/

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