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The guns are bigger than Dog’s, the tattoos more extensive – A&E Big Easy Justice – Tat-2 in New Orleans

DOG the Bounty Hunter has been cancelled but the fugitive-recovery action continues apace in this new reality series filmed in New Orleans. Everything about bounty hunter Gene ”Tat-2” Thacker and his operation exudes testosterone. The guns are bigger than Dog’s, the tattoos more extensive and the paramilitary uniforms enough to thrill even the most jaded fascist dictator. And Thacker has a nice line in sound bites such as: ”You move and I swear to god I’m gonna light your ass up” and ”Exercise your right to shut the f— up”.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-guide/pay-tv-tuesday-september-4-20120830-252wi.html#ixzz25RXmcDJs

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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  1. Todd Sumrall says:

    I’ve known Gene Thacker for a long, long, time! He is not only a Very Respectful Man, but, a Great friend to me and my family. Tat-2 as everyone calls him will always stay in my heart as I myself stays prayed up for them to come home safe! My love my friend and you can always reach me at 1-504- 357-0418

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