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Capturing fugitive’s

Just to give you more of an idea of how hard it is to be a good Bounty Hunter I posted this video. You’ll hear the Marshall saying she’s worked this case for a week around the clock and that they also have undercover agent’s staking out a house 24/7. They are also using official police programs to get their info where you most likely won’t have access to that(unless you have friends on the inside). They also have the luxury of multiple units following car’s if they need. They were able to pull the vehicle’s over. You will have no help even close to this…so good luck. You’ll notice the way they did catch them is they got a tip from a family member. One who was probably scorned. There’s usually always someone your fugitive knows who is pissed enough to rat them out just to see them go to jail.

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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