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Plain Jane Bank Robber Suspect Captured

I heard some people talking about her only having a $50,000 bond which means she needs only $5,000 to be released. While that is true, what alot of people outside the bail industry don’t realize is that she will be required to have a special hearing, usually called a Nebia Hearing. That is where before a bond can be posted on behalf of a defendant the FAMILY AND THE BONDING COMPANY must get in front of a judge and the state attorneys and provide proof of where the $5,000 is coming from. That prevents people in her situation from using illegally obtained money to bond out. So NO you cannot rob banks and then post bail with the bank money and flee the country. Most bank robbers usually get less than $1,500 a robbery.

The suspected “Plain Jane Bandit,” believed responsible for at least six Southern California bank robberies and two failed attempts last month, has been arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and FBI.

Sylvia Helen Garcia, 38, of Downey was taken into custody after the FBI received several tips from people who had seen photographs from surveillance cameras that had circulated in the media, officials said.

Garcia allegedly attempted to rob a Bank of America on Monday in the 10000 block of Paramount Boulevard in Downey, officials said.

She walked into the bank and demanded money but left before taking any, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

As in the other incidents, the woman spoke of a person outside the bank, officials said. Authorities believe the other person is a ruse because no witnesses have reported seeing an accomplice.

The Plain Jane Bandit is believed to be responsible for a series of robberies that began July 12 in Santa Fe Springs and continued in Whittier, Moreno Valley, Buena Park and Wildomar, Eimiller said.

U.S. Bank offered a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the robber. All the successful robberies were at U.S. Bank branches.

Authorities declined to say how much money she took because of concerns about copycat robberies, but they said the sum was not “a lot.”

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