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Gun Disarming Technique

I thought this video was pretty good. Although he doesn’t quite show you how to take the gun out at the end. I will post my own BHFH Gun Disarming video for you soon and show you how to do that. In the video he says when a good time is to lunge in. He’s correct on that. Me personally if I was in the situation in the video, I would give a strange look over the bad guys shoulder and act like somethings wrong behind him or just keep looking to the opposite side of his gun hand. Any one in the gunman’s situation will obviously be very nervous and you can get him to think maybe someone’s behind him. Trust me it works, Ive used that technique with people holding other weapons and they ALL looked away to see what I was looking at. It’s almost instinctive. I would also suggest (as scary as it may seem) to be closer to the gun than the instructor on the video. I would actually suggest almost barrel touching your head. If you find yourself in this deadly situation your going to want to be as close to that gun when you lunge for it. A few inches could save your life. Also remember ALWAYS 2 HANDS ON THE WRIST AND BACK OF PALM OF THE GUN HAND.

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