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Chef given $50,000 Cash Bond Only


PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — A local chef was on bail for failing to register as a sex offender and for drug possession when he drugged and raped a woman on July 11, according to police. Those allegations were made Monday during the arraignment of Aaron Bonds, 43, of 10 Freedom Court, Dover, on three counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault. The felonies allege Bonds gave a woman “an intoxicating substance” before sexually assaulting her three different ways. At the time of the alleged rapes, the woman was “physically helpless to resist,” according to police complaints

Prior to Bonds’ arraignment, prosecutor David Colby said police are awaiting blood test results to determine what substance the woman was given. “The Portsmouth Police Department is investigating other allegations that such a substance had been provided to other females by Bonds,” according to an affidavit by detective Kristen Bernier.

Police say Bonds was convicted in Strafford County on Feb. 6, 2003 for raping an adult woman and was sentenced to three-to-six years in the state prison. Bernier’s affidavit states Bonds is a Tier III sex offender who was arrested on May 16 for failing to register as a sex offender with Dover police and for an unspecified drug charge.

During Bonds’ arraignment, conducted by video from the Rockingham County House of Corrections, prosecutor Rena DiLando said Bonds’ criminal history includes convictions for drug possession, being a habitual offender, failure to appear in court, rape, trespassing and breaking and entering. Citing that history and telling the court Bonds was under investigation for selling drugs, DiLando asked for $50,000 cash-only bail.

“I’m not a threat to the community,” Bonds said, while asking for cash or surety bail. “I’m working every day and I’m not involved in drug sales.” Bonds told the court he was released on personal recognizance following his Dover arrest, “so obviously I’m not a threat to society.”

“I think $50,000 is really absurd,” said Bonds, who told the court he’s a chef for River House. “I understand you’re concerned about the charges and I can’t get into that right now, but I’m not going to jump bail. I want the opportunity to go to work and save money for this case.”

Judge Sawako Gardner set Bonds’ bail at $50,000 cash and said if he is able to post bail, a hearing must be held to determine that the cash came from legal means. Bonds is also ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim and to return to the Portsmouth Circuit Court for a July 25 probable cause hearing.

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