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Nationwide Fugitive Recovery Network

You’ll notice we have updated and expanded our Nationwide Fugitive Recovery Network. You can check it out in the forum located on the main page. There are lots of other Recovery Networks on the internet but I can assure you our’s is the most up to date one out there and in many cases we personally know the bonding companies listed. You’ll find some Fugitive Recovery Networks that are posted by people who are not even Bail Agents. I would advise staying away from those. I would not trust any information posted by anyone outside the business. They usually have lots of outdated and just plain incorrect information.

Here at BHFH we have over a decade of Fugitive Recovery Experience. We have done many television and radio programs and personally captured fugitives who have appeared on America’s Most Wanted. We are also fully licensed and insured. So if you need a bondsman in whatever state you reside in, please feel free to browse our Nationwide Fugitive Recovery Network. It’s the ONLY up to date Fugitive Recovery Network on the Internet and published by one of the nation’s leading Bail Bondsman.

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