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Idiot Bounty Hunter’s Beware – Cops accidentally shoot bail bondsman dressed in black, wearing a ski mask, with a shotgun.

This is a story about real life bounty hunting. This isn’t television, this is real life. What you don’t do is get all dressed up in black, wear ski masks and carry shotguns. These bondsman went way too far and were serving TRAFFIC warrants. Sad story. http://www.news4jax.com/news/Police-2-bail-bondsmen-shot-by-officer/-/475880/1954160/-/5jw4oj/-/index.htmlPolice: 2 bail bondsmen shot by officer
1 Dies In Mayfair Village Apartment Complex

Two bail bondsmen were shot early Tuesday morning by a police officer responding to a report of an armed home invasion at an apartment complex at 3539 Beach Blvd., according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

JSO Chief John Hartley said one bondsman was shot and killed, and a second who was shot by the officer was in critical condition at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. A third bondsman was not shot, but taken to Shands for an evaluation.

Hartley said officers were called at 1:53 a.m. to the Mayfair Village apartment complex to assist the men in arresting someone for a revoked driver’s license and an expired license plate. Police and the bondsmen, who were unarmed at the time, knocked on the door of the person they were hoping to arrest.

When no one answered the door, the officers left, Hartley said. He said it turned out people were inside the apartment and the bondsmen did not leave the complex when the officers did.

At 2:02 a.m., police got a call from a woman inside the apartment. She told police that armed men dressed in black were outside her apartment and they were trying to kick down her door. Hartley said she stayed on the phone until police arrived.

When a new set of officers responded to a call of armed home invasion, they surrounded the building. Police said Officer Jason Bailey saw one man with a mask, gloves, dressed in black and holding a shotgun, and Bailey fired his AR-15 rifle. That man died at the scene.

“I wake up and look out my window and see a man with a sawed-off shotgun and a cop standing right here with an AR-15,” a neighbor said.

Hartley said Bailey came into contact with a second man and fired multiple shots, critically injuring that man.

Hartley said at least one of the bondsmen was wearing a mask. Why he was wearing a mask is one of many questions police and the state attorney’s office hope to answer during the investigation of this police-involved shooting.

Names of the bondsmen and their agencies were not released at the scene. Police will hold a news conference Wednesday.

Bailey was placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

Ann Teague, president of Jacksonville Bail Agent Association and a bail bonds agent since 1975, said she has heard of certain bail bondsmen wearing masks to conceal their identity.

Teague said it’s procedure for bondsmen to identify themselves as bondsmen and make police aware of what’s going on. She said if they think someone is inside a home, they can break the door down to arrest that person.

“Normally, (bondsmen are) going to call (police) and say, ‘We?re out here to pick up someone,'” Teague said.

Teague said that while the charges against the suspect in this case appear to be minor, she said the suspect’s entire history must be taken into consideration. Teague said, for instance, that the person could have had a $50,000 bond because of a violent history. It’s unclear in this case.

Teague said bondsmen often work in the middle of the night and sometimes call police for assistance, as they did in this case.

“It’s a very bad idea, 2 o’clock in the morning, you’re out and about. You’re in all black clothing. You’ve got an assault rifle. That’s not what you want to wake up and see,” Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson said.

Jefferson said bondsman are state-licensed agents backed by insurers and permitted to pick up criminals. He said he hasn’t heard of any problems in the area before.

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