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Thoughts on Fugitive Recovery Safety Issues

For bail agents and fugitive recovery agents, safety can take the form of reasoning, martial arts or use of weapons. Many of the defense mechanisms bail agents or fugitive recovery agents choose to use are largely based on personality, experience and intuition.  When individuals were polled in the industry regarding the preferred form of self-defense, 40% chose the power of persuasion, 40% chose to carry a weapon and 20% said they rely on street smarts. Still, even the most sensible agent or best negotiator can run into a road block or two.

When necessary, agents within the bail industry have been known to apply everything from reasoning to martial arts training to a provoked use of weaponry to keep themselves safeThe importance of writing quality bail bonds with strong collateral may help to reduce the likelihood of a skip and also the dangers that are associated with recovering a skip. Good communication with clients and especially co-signers allows bail agents to maintain a constant connection.

Bail agents and recovery agents develop their ability to reason and rationalize situations for their clients through experience and confidence gained over the years. Often times, however, a skip is unavoidable.  A keen eye trained to analyze each situation and exercising precaution will help keep a recovery agent and their team safe. No matter the level of experience an agent possesses, there are the occasional instances when even the most seasoned of veterans feels a little uncomfortable.  While feelings of uncertainty vary on case by case, it is crucial to always take precautions.

For many recovery agents, compiling information from credible sources and creating a broad and ever expanding network of individuals within the industry is a crucial step in the recovery process.  As well, completing research and surveillance on the skip and their location may help to eliminate hidden dangers when retrieving clients.   By double and triple checking all matters and establishing the safety procedures for recovering skips, you increase your recovery rate, plain and simple.  Establishing early diplomacy, acting thoroughly and sustaining a cautious mentality when apprehending individuals helps to ensure safety for the agent while on a job.

Despite the use of diplomacy and martial arts in fugitive apprehension, weapons are also prevalent in the bail industry.  When bail bond companies were polled on the necessity to carry a weapon, 75% said they feel the need to carry one, while 25% said they do not.  Both bail and recovery agents are known to carry weapons ranging from handcuffs to tasers to hand guns.

At any one moment an agent must be prepared to think rationally, reason through the situation at hand and provide enforcement while sustaining a safe environment for all parties involved.   Preparation, determination and maintaining a level head are crucial to a successful day in the field.  As it goes to show, when an agent is well versed in the many facets of defense tactics, safety is no longer a question but a discipline.

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