Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Lies……….ALL LIES!!

Been super busy. I have 2 fugitives set to come into my office tomorrow under the pretences that I will turn them in and bail them right back out. In my area, it’s called a “walk-thru”. You turn yourself in to a bondsman and they surrender you and post your bond at the same time. Your out in a hour.

Depending on the situation and bond, you can sometimes lie to them and tell them to come on in and do a walk thru and they will buy it. If they just ignore your calls you have to come get them but sometimes they will change their mind and want to take care of it. Just remember it’s a business first and friends second. They may get mad at you for lying but who cares. If they hadn’t missed court , they’d still be on bond.

So I’ll keep you updated on twitter live from the office. I have them set to come in at 9am and 10am. We’ll see………………….

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