Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

1 out of 3 ain’t bad

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I received a call last night telling me the location of one of my fugitives. They said I should come now because she might leave any minute. I’m not too busy so I run out the door. To new bountyhunters and bail agents, make sure you always have full tank of gas, running shoes and arrest equipment for occasions like this when you have to go NOW!! No time to change or run home.

So on my way to the house, I get a call from a guy on bond with me. He says he’s at the house I’m coming to and he doesn’t want to get arrested for being there. After doing this awhile, the community will know you. So I bond people out and have all their friend’s on bond too. This was an extreme case.

I get the mobile home park and search for the trailer. I find it and begin to peak in the windows. I’m having to cover the entire trailer front and back by myself. I look in all the windows and see no one. I go to the side door and notice someone laying there watching T.V. I knock and get this elderly man to open the door. I tell him who I’m there for and he points me to the back bedroom.

I get to the back room and turn the light on. My bondskip and her boyfriend who is also on bond with me are laying there sleeping. So much for them leaving right away!! So I get my fugitive in cuffs and then two other residents of the mobile home show up. Both on bond with me also. So all 4 of my bond clients are standing there yelling at each other. They are accusing the other’s of snitching on them. Then while the 4 of them are yelling at each other, the old man comes in and starts yelling at all them for the commotion. I just stood there laughing at all these idiots.

The fugitive is cuffed,stuffed and transported to the jail. One down and 2 to go!!

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