Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Still hunting

Went out early this morning to a doctor’s office anticipating my bondskip would be there for his prescription. After a few hours , I figured he was not coming today. I know he will show up 100% sometime in the next day or two. He will come for those pills. Guaranteed. So I decide to just go in and show his picture to the secretary. She knows who he is. Turns out he rescheduled for later in the week. I thanked them for the information and told them I would be back.

I get back to the office and do more research. I end up finding out the doctor is very close to him!! Infact he does house work and has stayed at the doctor’s house. Sometimes.. shit happens. You can’t anticipate a doctor being friends with a convicted felon. So that lead is pretty much blown. On the off chance he wants to wipe his hand’s clean of the guy, I will still show up and see if he does make his appointment but I’m not putting money on it. I moved on after the blown lead and found myself a snitch. Offered some money and got a friend on his trail. I’ll keep you updated as I expect to catch him by the end of the week. Im also hunting a stripper and one other piece of work…

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