Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Fugitives everwhere

I’m currently hunting 3 fugitives right now. As I capture them I’ll post their stories. One of them has served prison for drug trafficking and stabbing someone. He should be fun to capture. I was also contacted by another TV company who’s doing a new show involving fugitives. Should be a good one. I think it is going to be on ABC but not sure. I will post more info on it if I manage to get on. We’re still working on the video’s. They should play smoothly soon. I will post the quick interview I did for the Oxygen Channel too. So stay tuned I will post new captures in a few days. I have 2 of the fugitives set up for tomorrow. You can feel free to comment on the captures. Good or Bad, I like to read them all. You can’t be loved by everyone. Thanks again..

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