Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Fugitives Rarely Leave Behind Their Prescription Medications

I’m back once again to post some captures. I also recently appeared on the Oxygen Channel on the show Snapped over a fugitive I captured. I will post the interview sometime soon. I also will be posting the reality show I recently appeared in too. The latest capture involved a $50,000 bondskip.

I receive a call from a bonding company wanting me to apprehend their bondskip. They said the defendant was well aware of his court date and just skipped it earlier in the day. With such a large bond, most companies will not wait to go find them. The guys priors include a 4 year prison sentence for Trafficking in Cocaine to Robbery. He’s also a large fella at 275 lbs. His warrants are now for Failure To Appear on Sale of Oxycodones.

I go to the address he lists on his paperwork. I notice his van sitting out front so I call the local police to assist. After running his backround, I now have 4 deputies and a K9. Im not really worried about this guy out running me but it’s nice to have the dog out there.

I approach the front door while the deputies surround the house. I notice the door is unlocked and I walk in. I’d like to catch him by suprise. As I walk in the front porch area , I notice a large bag of what appears to be cocaine. I notice someone standing inside so I open the door and it turns out to be a very suprised landlord. He’s also looking for my defendant.

Noticing all the defendants clothes and prescription medications are still there, I decide to set up surveillance across the street. Fugitives will not leave behind their prescriptions. Being in a bad neighborhood , I am quite popular as everyone walks by to see what I’m doing. I really don’t care if they think I’m the police because I don’t plan on being there for long.

About 20 mins go by and a truck pulls up to the house. I notice a very large figure get out of the passengers side. I grab my binoculars and positively ID my fugitive!! With the police already gone, I’m on my own on this one.

I pull up and park a little closer and decide to run up on the house instead of drive. I quickly bust through the first door and encounter the target on the porch. With the tazer already out I order him on the ground. He is ignoring my orders. I tell him this is his last warning and to get on the ground. He realizes I’m serious and decides to get down. The defendant is cuffed and returned to jail. Total bond recovered is $50,000!! Nice one!!

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