Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories


Sorry for no updates lately. So busy and so many bondskips in other states. Two of my fugitives are currently their states Most Wanted Fugitives right now and we’re all over the news the other night. Good thing is the U.S. Marshalls are all over them. Helps when you and the police are searching, they usually get caught quickly.

Also to fellow bountyhunters and bail bondsman, remember tomorrow is the best day to catch your fugitives. I have a bondsman friend who once captured 9 people on Christmas Day. Most Impressive. Everyone goes to see their family for Christmas, even wanted felons. They don’t always go see their Mom or Dad but they always see A family member. Up to you to narrow down who that might be. Grandmoms are popular.

So I will post some good captures here in a little bit and till then, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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