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New capture, New services..

Once again sorry for the hiatus. Before I post the next capture, I wanted to inform you on some new services. We will now assist you on finding out licensing requirements for your state, when and where those classes are held, costs, etc. On top of that we will also attempt to find you job openings in your area. Save yourself the endless hours of reading and research, AND HEADACHES!! You just sit back and let us give you all the info you need. It will save you alot of trouble, trust me. You can see our main page for the info. Its under the Training, Education,License and Employment Assistance Program.  Also, I am now video recording the arrests. A video for a new capture will be available shortly. Some show you the boring, uneventful arrests and some will show some craziness. So stay tuned.

So this girl here was allegedly being looked for by some detectives. Due to the high risk now, I decided to revoke her bond. I go to her neighborhood and half the houses are not numbered. As I am driving down the roads, I glance over and notice my target standing in a yard on the other side of the road. I make a rookie mistake and hit my brakes a little too hard. When I did she ran back into the house. I hop out quickly and run full speed at her door and kick it HARD!! It then shut right back in my face. I kick it again and notice the fugitive and her husband trying to hold the sofa against the door. So I push the door and manage to get in. The girl ran into a bedroom and locked the door. The husband tries to block me so I kicked him into the wall. I then kicked the bedroom door down and cuff her and drag her out screaming. Total bond recovered was $10,650. Booking photo is coming soon.

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