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A Bond Revocation Story – Part 1 – How not to act as a parent in front of your children

Ok this one here is a good lesson on why not to go by yourself on an arrest.

This was a bond revocation on a young lady. I figured I wouldn’t have any issues seeing how it is a girl and all. So I go up to the girls house and knock on the door. She comes and answers and I explain to her who I am and what’s going on. Next thing I know she tries to shut the door on me. I stick my foot in the door and push it open. I grab her and then realize her 3 year old is sitting on the floor.

So she starts going crazy and hitting, kicking and biting me. I’m trying my hardest not to hurt her in front of her child. So then he starts to cry because his mom is screaming and yelling. I manage to grab his shirt and slide him across the hardwood floors and gently into the bedroom and I shut the door. I then “take the girl out” haha. I finally get her cuffed and take her out to my truck kicking and screaming. I then call the grandparents and they came and got the little guy.

I did end up bonding the girl back out 2 days later. Then funny enough, I had to arrest her again 3 weeks later which I will tell you about in part 2 of this story which will be posted tomorrow. Total bond recovered was $11,300. No pic is available

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