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Rough job but someones gotta do it – Finding Fugitives in Strip Clubs

First off… I want to say happy holidays to everyone on this 20th day of April.  Also I want to say hi to my friend Joe J.  Hope your doing well.

Well this next capture was one other (guy) agents love to help me out on.  Of course the girl we bonded out turned out to be an exotic dancer… or stripper as I like to call them.  Really all I knew was her stage name and that she’s working somewhere in the Clearwater area.

So the daunting and horrifying task of hopping strip club to strip club throughout Clearwater began.  For those of you new, don’t ever do this during the weekends… it’ll cost ya a fortune in cover charges, go on Tuesdays if you’re on the West Coast of Florida, or whenever there is no cover charge.

I started with the closest club and worked my way up the highway and back down the other side.  I’d say on about our 6th club, as soon as we walked in the door I spotted her dancing on one of the many stages.  To get a positive ID, I bought a lap dance from her.  As soon as I verified the butterfly tattoo on her left butt cheek, I told her she was under arrest.

Actually, I’m just kidding!  I went to the owner and told him what was going on and he quickly took her to the dressing room and handed her over.

cover charge-$10

Bond recovered-$1,000

Getting paid to hop strip clubs-PRICELESS


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