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You can run and hide but I will still make you pay for your bond skip without apprehending you

I’ll give those bountyhunters just getting into the buisness another way of handling bond skips. This is another good example of resolving your bond skip issues without having to physically hunt your skips.

For whatever reason we bonded this fool out on a $513 bond. I know right??  Not even worth the $100 you make off the bond. So of course this guy misses his first court date. I wait awhile as I have 8 weeks before I have to pay the bond money to the court. I was hoping he’d get caught on his own.

About 6 and a half weeks go by and still nothing. So I call the guy’s mother who resides in Michigan. I ask her some questions and she seems to be a little nervous on the phone.  She says she hasn’t talked to her son in weeks. I’m just not buying it in this case. Sometimes, yes, but not this time.

For the next few days I keep calling her and she’s not answering the phone anymore and not returning my calls. Now I know something’s up. So I block my phone number and call. A younger male answers and I ask for “Steve”. He says he’s not here right now, he should be back soon though! Now realizing I have a $513 bond skip over 1700 miles away I can rule out flying or even driving to apprehend him as it would cost a lot more than $513.

So a few days later I call again and ask for “Steve”. Finally I get him on the phone. Lets just say after a few nasty promises and multiple F bombs I scare him enough to send me my $513. Within 4 days I recieved his money order and he still remains a fugitive till this day… but I’m not out money sooooooo…. I’m still good. Total bond recovered $513.


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