Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

The Lemon Song

After this guy skipped out on court I went down to his grandmas’ house where he was staying at. I call local police due to the fact that the suspect had previously taken them for a high speed pursuit in which he allegedly ran 7 stop signs. So the local police bring the K-9 and about 6 deputies. I raid the house and the suspect isn’t there.

Later on, I find an address for where he might be staying. I call local police again and we pull up to the house. I notice a car in the driveway with both front doors open. I run up on the car and my suspect is sitting in the passenger’s side, smoking a blunt. At first, he doesn’t put his hands up on the dash. Just about to get tazed, he finally decides to listen. One of the deputies drags him out and cuffs him.

In the meanwhile, his brother comes out to see what all the yelling is about. He tried to go back inside when he saw the police, but it was too late. The police run his name and he comes back with felony warrrants. They are both taken to jail and the defendent later recieved a one year jail sentence for driving on suspended license (felony) and aggravated fleeing and eluding. Total bond recovered was $10,500


Bounty Hunter For Hire
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  1. Oh man that’s freaking hilarious. Nothing like smoking a blunt and not even realizing that a team of police just showed up behind you to assist your bounty hunt. Talk about a buzz kill.

    It’s almost even funnier that his brother was too stupid to look out the window before just running out there in the middle of everything. The last people I’d want to walk up to with a felony warrant is law enforcement.

    Of course, we already know his brother was stupid, otherwise he wouldn’t have been harboring his fugitive brother in the first place.

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