Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Achilles Last Stand


Ok this was offically the most diffulcult fugitive I’ve ever chased. This arrest occured on 04/27/08. I bonded the guy on a 6 count sale/possession of cocaine and marijuana. With his previous convictions of possession charges/firearm and resisting arrest with violence he was allegedly facing 40 months in the state prison.

So he runs and is very diffulcult to find in the neighborhoods I had to locate him in. Crackers like me cannot get in these hoods undetected. At one point I spotted him and chased him. As I attempted to jump an 8ft wall I dislocated my shoulder and he got away. Previous to this incident I raided about 5 other homes.

Finally I got an address for him through some expert bountyhunting tricks. So we surround the house, complete with K-9 and I knock. The female inside REFUSES to open the door. I proceed on kicking in the door. It’s heavily fortified. I then go to a window and begin pounding.. At that time I shatter the window. The suspect took a quick chance to run, then spotted the K-9 and realized this time there was no way out.

With children inside, windows being broken,doors being kicked in.. He finally opens the front door and surrenders. Total bond recovered was $15,750.


Bounty Hunter For Hire
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  1. hahaha. I just have to laugh. I bet this fucker was feeling like the king after he slipped away from you the first time.

    Did he actually think he was home free after that?

    What about the female in this case, doesn’t she get charged with aiding a fugitive?

    Man, talk about feeling defeated… Guy goes on the run, you find him, he gets away, tastes freedom a little longer, then BAM, he’s completely fucked. Cheers!

  2. No matter how good I am they do get away sometimes… theyre running for their life. However you can only run for so long , i will eventually find ya….

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