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This capture was more diffulcult than others. I really had no leads for the most part. This girl allegedly had a drug problem and pretty much left her child with family members. So I go to her last known area and start asking around. Later on that night I go into a REAL rough biker bar. Lets just say I wasnt welcomed..lol… good thing I know how to handle myself.

Anyway, after pissing some local patrons off I finally get a solid lead. I set up on the mobile home and notice some activity inside. I call local police and we knock on the door. The owner answers and says she’s not inside. If your not able to tell when someone is lying to you, your not going to be able to be a good bountyhunter at ALL!!

I was able to tell he was lying and insisted on searching his home. He’s not going along with that idea to well and the police get a little rough with him and remove him from the mobile home. After a quick search, I find the defendant inside and she’s cuffed and stuffed. It took me a whole 2 days to find her when I started with no leads… man I’m good.


Bounty Hunter For Hire
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  2. Man, the owner lied to you and the authorities, then they had to remove him… I have to assume he got charged with obstruction of justice or something. But then again, maybe not, that’s a lot of paperwork.

    “he’s not going along with that idea too well and the police get a little rough with him and remove him from the mobile home”


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