Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

In The Evening


This one here skipped bond and left his mother out to dry. She claimed she had no idea where he was and I believed her. The only thing we knew was that he was somewhere in south St. Petersburg living at a motel.

So I go down to the local ones I’m familiar with and pass out his picture. Later on that night I received a call saying the fugitive just checked in. So I go down and knock on the door and he answers. He’s cuffed, stuffed and transported back to jail.

Leaving your elderly mother hang out to dry like that… disgusting. Total bond recovered was $45,000.


Bounty Hunter For Hire
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  1. Man – CREEPY! This guy looks like he escaped from a mental institution, fucked a few farm animals, and crawled out of a ditch all at the same time. He definitely looks guilty of a lot of things. He’d better hope the jury doesn’t get that impression from him.

    What a scum bag for fucking his mom over too.

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