Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Over the Hills and Far Away


This capture occured on 04/19/08. Apparently the fugitive was facing 15 years for everything from drug trafficking/aggravated battery/several possession charges. So of course he runs and decides to hide in Columbia, S.C.

I put my superior bountyhunting skills together and get an address for where he’s at. I call local police and they refuse to help at all! They have 2 armed bountyhunters ready to bust a door down to capture a violent drug trafficker with active warrants totaling over $550,000 and they don’t even want to stick around to see what happens?!! They actually get in their cruisers and leave the area!! So with multiple entrances to cover I had to call one other local bountyhunter to assist.

So I knock on the door and yell “maintenance.” LOL.. I swear that works EVERY time. The fugitive answered the door and was quickly taken down and arrested. He was then transported back to Florida and is currently in the county jail. Total bond recovered was $26,500.


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  1. “maintenance” – that’s a good one man. I used to have to do that all the time when I did pest control work so I could get in to do the service, it worked every time. I wouldn’t give too many details away though, you don’t want the fugitives to learn your secrets…

  2. not sure thats a big secret… dont worry my expert tricks of the trade will not be published…

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