Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

How Many More Times


I’ll wrap all 3 arrests up in one story. The first arrest wasn’t much to tell. The second time she skipped court on me I tracked her to a shady hotel in Clearwater. I decided to call the local police due to the neighborhood conditions.

So as the police and I walk up we spot a lighter flickering in her truck. One of the officers walks up to the door, opens it and she’s in there with a crack pipe in her mouth. She’s arrested and hauled away.

The third time I bail her out she skips again of course.  I had enough of her at this point. Besides being able to track fugitives sometimes you have to be a good liar. I managed to convince her to come to the courthouse and reschedule her court date. She fell hook, line and sinker. I arrested her and took her back to jail.

That was the last time I bonded her out. Sometimes you just have to wash your hands clean of people. She was getting to be too high risk. Total bond recovered over all three arrests was $53,000.

Bounty Hunter For Hire


  1. Wasn’t this the chic who showed up at court with crack in her pocket, then went to jail with it on her?

  2. nope your thinkin of another girl… i’ll put her up sometime soon

  3. Good for people to know.

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