Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Im Gonna Crawl


It’s captures like this one that bring the dangers of bounty hunting to a reality. This guy was previously convicted on kidnapping with assault, armed robbery, escape and burglary. He served approx. 8 years for those crimes. He then allegedly commits the same type of offenses and is bailed out. To everyones amazement he skipped court.

So I get a call asking me to breach the house some agents had located him in. I arrive and find out some others are inside with the fugitive. Not knowing backrounds of people inside can prove to be dangerous. More on that later. So I call local authorities and knock on the door. No one answers of course and a STRONG smell of marijuana is coming from the apt. So I decide to check windows. I find one that is unlocked. I open the window and began ripping the blinds out with my baton. While I’m doing that I spot a female come from the bedroom with her hands up. I instruct her to open the front door.

When we all get inside we start clearing the house. While inside the bedroom, me and 2 deputies search closets. No fugitive. We’re standing there and we notice the bed move by itself!! We quickly flip the bed and there he is in all his glory. He’s taken into custody without a fight.

When the third occupant of the apartment is checked out , he turns out to have attempted murder charges pending!! It’s things like that you cannot predict and make this very dangerous. All occupants are arrested and various drugs are found in the apt. The fugitive is still in county awaiting trial. Total bond recovered was $37,500.

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