Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Bring it on Home

I had to travel a few hours for this capture. She skipped her court date and moved from Clearwater to Pensacola which is a few hours away. So I drive up there and set up across from her supposed address. I managed to find out her boyfriend was on felony probation and they had his address on file. About 3 hours into the stakeout I spot her, a friend and about 5 small kids walking down the street. I had no choice but to take her down in front of her small children.

The situations parents put their children in sometimes..its disgusting. So she’s arrested and I walk the children back to the house and hand them over to the father. The fugitive is then transported back to Pinellas County Jail and later recieved a prison sentence. Total bond recovered was $15,750.


Bounty Hunter For Hire

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