Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Night Flight – A Fugitive Jumps from a 2nd Story Window, Swims with Alligators, I Let Him Go and Captured Him 2 Days Later


Well this one was harder to locate then most. Him and his girlfriend were hopping hotels and there are hundreds of hotels in this area. I passed out photos to tons of hotels and told them to check him in then call me. One of the clerks did just that.

I went to the hotel room and knocked.. He answered and I told him he was under arrest. He then started to fight and managed to get away for a second. He then ran straight towards the window and dove head first from 3 stories up. I quickly ran down the stairs and right before I could grab him he dove into a lake and swam away.

I didnt feel like swimming with gators that night so I let him go. Two days later I caught up with the fugitive and arrested him. He had suffered a broken ankle in the fall. Total bond recovered was $45,000.

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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