Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Grave Robbing and Grand Theft Suspect Flees Court Through Bathroom Window. I Found Him, Chased Him, and the Police Dogs Ate Him.


Now for one of my more bizarre ones. This guy was wanted on charges of grave robbing and grand theft. He actually showed up at court and found out he was going to be arrested for another charge. He decided to go to the bathroom then excuse himself from the courthouse all together!!

I really had to pull some teeth to get any kind of lead. Finally someone gave me a license plate number to someone he was riding around with. I ran the plate and set up at the owner’s address. I called local police and we approached the house. I knocked on the sliding glass door and the suspect looked out then ran and jumped out a side window.

We all watched him get a good 50-75 yards ahead of us. Unfortunetly for the suspect we had a K-9 with us. The dog eventually caught the suspect and began eating. The suspect recieved approx. 40 stitches from the bite. Total bond recovered was $10,000.

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