Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

House owner insists fugitive is not inside. I proceed to smash her door down with a sledgehammer and find the fugitive hiding in a closet.

daymon.jpgThis is the sequel to “Not a Wise Decision to Run”.

Again, I recieved a tip from the C.I. that helped me before. So my partner and I surrounded the house. Some occupants came out and claimed he was not in there. I told them the police are on their way and WHEN we go inside and arrest him everyone at the house is going to jail also. The occupants QUICKLY jumped in a car and drove away… lol.

The owner of the house called me and insisted I not break her door down to get inside. She claimed the fugitive was not inside. I put her on speakerphone as I took a sledgehammer to her front door. The frame and all was busted off after that.

After a search of the house the suspect was found hiding in the closet just like his brother. Total bond recovered was $17,000.

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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