Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Dazed and Confused – While Knocking on this Fugitive’s Door, it swings open, 10-15 people are playing poker and smoking blunts, everyone runs and jumps out the windows.


Ok.. Basically I recieved a tip from a C.I. as to where the fugitive was. I rounded up four deputies and we walked up to the apartment. I went to knock and they didnt have the door shut the whole way. So when I hit the door it swung open and there, in a pot smoke filled room was about 10-15 guys playing poker and smoking blunts. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE ran or jumped out a window.

My fugitive was unable to run out the door and went and barricaded himself in a closet. He quickly surrendered. In the meantime, the entire neighborhood started to riot. Bricks and rocks began being thrown at the police cruisers. We quickly loaded up the fugitive and took off. Total bond recovered was $25,000.

A few weeks later his brother was also apprehend by me (see story “open the door please“)

Bounty Hunter For Hire
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