Fugitive Recovery Capture Stories

Ten Years Gone

This kid I can somewhat sympathize with. According to the police reports, he allegedly shot someone and commited an attempted robbery. He made a plea deal to do 10 years, then skipped his sentencing date. One thing I can always understand is being scared of prison. I can respect that answer.. It’s the “I didnt know about my court date” excuse that I hate the most.


Anyways, I worked alot with detectives to get some leads on him. Through some tips I narrowed down his location to a group of apartments. I set up and watched them for a few hours. Suddenly I saw the defendent step outside. I ran around the corner and into a group of about 7 guys. Screaming and yelling managed to stun everyone and the fugitive was quickly cuffed and taken away.

I stopped and gave him a last meal and cigarrette. While he was in the county jail awaiting to go to prison he would recommend other inmates to use my services for a bailbond. Total bond recovered was $50,000.

Bounty Hunter For Hire

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