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Former Police Officer Shoots Through Someone’s Home, Apprehended While Working at a Lingerie Modeling Store


I couldnt even make up this story if I tried. This fugitive was a former police officer who allegedly shot into a mobile home of someone who allegedly ripped her off. After the second night of having 6 bullets come into her mobile home, the owner set up a camera. The suspect was captured on video the third time she went out there.

She’s facing 6 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder. She was working at a lingerie modeling shop after she bonded out of jail.  Her now ex-husband wanted her bond revoked as he feared for his and his familys’ life. He seemed convinced she was going to hire someone to do something to members of his family.

So I snuck in through the backdoor of the shady lingerie modeling store and attempted to arrest her. She had a pair of scissors in her hand and didnt put them down till I threatened to Tazer her. She then put the scissors down and was arrested.

She later bonded out through someone else and is currently a fugitve from justice. I strongly believe she’s in Mexico. Fortunetly she’s not my problem anymore. Total bond recovered was $115,000.

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