Firm wants to block NC law on bail bond training

Firm wants to block NC law on bail bond training - Wire - North Carolina -

Firm wants to block NC law on bail bond training – Wire – North Carolina – NewsObserver.com, N.C. — A firm that trains North Carolina bail bondsmen is suing to try to block a new law from taking effect in October that could put the firm out of business.

Arresting in bad neighborhoods

About the 3:00 minute mark you can see where this guy is in BIG trouble. You definetly have to watch the area’s your going into. Remember your fugitive might be friends with everyone on the block. This officer should of never went into the car. When the guy refused to give his name that’s an immediate red flag of someone with a warrant. The officer should of stood by and called backup immediately. This whole situation would of been avoided once more backup arrived.

I once served a warrant and created almost this same situation. The whole neighborhood starting pushing cops and throwing bricks at the police cruisers. Next thing I know there are 20 police cars and we scooped my guy and like a funeral procession we all left bumper to bumper. The cruiser in front of me got hit by a huge brick on the way out. I watched the kid throw it and run. Glad he didnt pick my truck instead. A major rule of bounty hunting…get your fugitive and get the hell outta there


Marshall’s Hunt Murder Suspect part 1

Im only posting 2 parts of this 5 part episode. I like how the Marshall has the fugitive’s roommate call the guy’s cell phone and the Marshall hears the dog’s barking on the phone. The same dog’s that are out back. This guy is very good. They know he’s hiding somewhere close by trying to figure out how to escape. At the end the Marshall also notice’s a car circling driving very slowly. Another great observation.


Great Bounty Hunting video

I watched this video and it represents a pretty good image of what actual bounty hunting is like. The only critique I would have on these guys is they move in a little too quick. When I go hunting, I ALWAYS try to positively ID the fugitive first and wait to he goes somewhere  that he is cornered such as an apartment or gas station.  I never try to let them run.


Become a Bounty Hunter

Becoming a Bounty Hunter is not a normal job. A person who wants to work as a bounty hunter needs to know the specific requirements for the job. A bounty hunters job is not a regular career. Bounty hunting is not legal in all states. Some states have laws against bounty hunting. It is important to know the laws, as well as, knowing where it is legal and illegal to bounty hunt.

The first requirement to becoming a bounty hunter is age. A bounty hunter must be at least 21 years old. Many states require a person who wants to become a bounty hunter is a minimum of 21 years of age. This age limit is due to the legality of carrying concealed weapons. Most states will not allow anyone under the age of 21 to apply for or obtain a permit to carry a weapon. Bounty hunters carry weapons to protect themselves.

The second requirement to become a Bounty hunter is to know the bail laws and the laws pertaining to bail bond hunting of your state. There are no rules to bail bond recovery. The laws relate to bounty hunting vary from state to state. Some of these laws include: licenses and certification, power of attorney, and etc. good knowledge of bail laws and the United States Judicial System is a must. Fugitive recovery agents need to have plenty of knowledge when it comes to bail laws so they are able to follow the proper procedure when capturing a criminal.

A third requirement to become a bounty hunter is proper attire and equipment.  Bounty hunters have clothes that will identify who they are. A bail bond recovery agent must have personal protection   to keep themselves safe. So of this equipment could be: Kevlar vests, tasers, mace, etc.

Once you meet the requirements you will learn about surveillance, negotiations, skip tracing, apprehension and fugitive recovery. If you find work with a bail bond company to trace and capture criminals, you will find these online tools invaluable. To become a bounty hunter, you want to know as much as possible about bond investigations. Learning to become a bounty hunter will provide you the ability to work cases independently using your skills to bring individuals to the law. There is a shortage of skilled trained people who can do the job.

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