“Big Easy Justice” Returns to Spike TV with Eight Brand New Episodes Starting Monday, July 23

“Big Easy Justice” returnshttp://www.geekinvaders.com/big-easy-justice-returns-to-spike-tv-with-eight-brand-new-episodes-starting-monday-july-23/Spike TV’s unscripted original series “Big Easy Justice” centers on the gritty underworld of post-Katrina New Orleans and follows legendary bounty hunter Tat-2 as he hunts down some of the city’s most elusive criminals and brings them back to justice.

New Fugitive Recovery Show to Debut on Spike TV

Spike TV has picked up a new show called Full Bounty, which is a competition series featuring 12 aspiring bounty hunters who risk life and limb to chase down actual fugitives for their first time. According to Hollywood Reporter, Spike ordered 10 episodes of the series, which eliminates those who don’t catch the most fugitives. The ultimate winner will win a position with a prominent bail bond and fugitive recovery agency.

Premiere dates and times for the new series will be announced shortly.