Good Times, Bad Times

This one here was one of my more entertaining ones. This girl skipped court for whatever reason and pretty much vanished. I eventually hunt down a lead that takes me to a VERY expensive set of condos by clearwater beach. I have intel. that says she is staying with a much older man. Another agent and I show up at his door and knock. He refuses to answer the door. We call local police and they come out and also knock on his door and again he will not answer.

They begin pounding very loudly and eventually have a dispatcher call his home numerous times to tell him to answer the door. He ignores all calls and everyone asking him to open the door. I then proceed to get a sledgehammer and begin hitting his door. I softly but firmly hit his door 3 times and tell him that was his last warning and the door is coming down. I then hear the lock and he finally opens the door.

The target is inside, lying on his bed. Turns out he’s supposedly a former police officer. After we cuff and stuff the target, the male in the condo is also arrested for obstruction for ignoring the police and knowingly hiding a wanted felon inside his condo. Total bond recovered was $5,000.